Restore cPanel account in WHM from Terminal

In order to restore the cPanel account in your WHM we must first enter our WHM:

server_name / whm

server_ip / whm

Once inside we are going to go to the terminal, in our WHM search engine we put terminal:

Now we must have them well identified where we have our support.

Once our backup is identified, we must send it to our server.

Within our WHM we enter home:

cd / home

Once inside home we put the following command to be able to have the backup of the account in our WHM:

scp user @ server_ip: backup_path / backup_name / home


scp root @ server_ip: backup_path / home

By putting this command, it will ask us for the password of the server from which we are sending the backup:

We must put the correct password, once the password is entered, the backup will begin to pass.

Now that we have the backup of the account in our WHM we must run the following command to be able to restore it:

/ scripts / restorepkg / home /backup_name

In this case it would be:

/ scripts / restorepkg /home/cpmove-brauliok.tar.gz

With the previous command, the account will begin to be restored showing the following screen:

Ready with this, our account was restored to corroborate we can enter the site in the browser of your preference or scroll to the list of accounts in our WHM and search for our account:

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