Joomla, WordPress which one should I use?

Both Joomla and WordPress are CMS platforms developed in PHP and are open source, although both platforms are recognized for their ease of use, extensive customization opportunities, and active communities. While WordPress and Joomla have their respective pros and cons, they can both be used to build modern, feature-packed sites, so how are you supposed to pick which one is right for you?



Now we will list some options that could matter when choosing the best CMS.

Countryside WordPress Joomla
Seo Excellent Excellent
Topics Large number of themes Large number of themes
Multi language Excellent (only if you buy an add-on)
Good (if you use a free plugin)
Good (included in the installation)
Easy to use Easy.
Intuitive, it is intended that any user can use it
You need basic programming knowledge to use it.
Plugins Large amount.
There are hundreds of thousands of (plugins)
There are thousands of plugins.
Security Being a CMS with millions of active users makes it the CMS with the most constant and secure updates. It has great security although the updates are less constant
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