After the design and implementation of essential content in a WordPress installation (either for a semi-static portfolio or the periodic blog update or magazine), a very important part of making the website known is optimizing it for search engines.

Y if you have a self-hosted WordPress, you can get more out of these options together with an efficient hosting service.

Although most modern and validated templates serious providers They already have SEO capabilities, these fall short in the face of more specific customization needs or specific improvements for social networks.

In my years creating and implementing informational sites in WordPress, as well as the occasional portfolio or purely commercial one with updates every six months, I have always seen the following debate:

  • Will Jetpack next to me be enough theme?
  • Is the All in One SEO better or the Yoast plugin?

Over the years it has become clear that Yoast SEO It is the ideal option that accommodates more needs in the same panel. Although there are paid versions, I have operated sites with millions of visits per year optimized by this free plugin. 

A great advantage is that When publishing an entry you can choose different types of visualization for SEO and Social:

    • A way for it to be displayed on Google, because sometimes the head of your article has to be in a certain way for the super users (the fans of your website) and those who arrive from Google.


  • Customize the card of thumbnail for Facebook and Twitter, although you will have to rely on tools debug sometimes (fault of Facebook).


  •  Fix certain details for 'Author' and Category page titles.
  • This is great: Place thumbnails specific to each social network, especially useful when you are recycling links or posting on multiple Facebook pages.


In addition to the thousands of plugins available, the best ally for your web project is a reliable web hosting like that of KIUBIX, Mexican company with the best technical support. 

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